Dr Nial Reynolds' Relaxation and Sleep Recordings





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Relax with Grey Squirrel 3:


You are told the story 'How Grey Squirrel got a Bushy Tail' and 'The Story of the Pumpkin Seeds'.

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Relax with Grey Squirrel 1:


You are introduced to Grey Squirrel in the first session and in the second, you hear the story of his Christmas party.

Relax with Grey Squirrel 2:


You are told 'The Story of the Copper Beech Tree' and the story 'The Island in the Reservoir'.

Deep Sleep

There are six sessions each beginning with a brief relaxation session focusing on breathing and muscle tension; then a visualisation of journeys through, for example, beautiful countryside, a waterfall and a rainbow. Each session lasts 12-15 minutes.

Four sets of Dr Nial Reynolds Relaxation and Sleep recordings formatted in MP3 although the original recordings were made for cassettes.


These are now offered free from the Estate of Nial Reynolds so that his work can continue to help people.